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Jun 8, 2007 Uncle Sy
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Spot; A Feral cats kitten grows up as a farm cat in the city by the social intrigues of the lord of the land and of course what must have been the stellar destiny.
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Topics: Feral, cat, kitten, Uncle Sy
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Apr 12, 2007 Master B. Toad
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MASTER B. TOAD Presented an original cabalistic formula, to the world as recently as 1988, in summation of ten years of investigations in search of the master faith. The Toad was known, as we understand, from antiquity to be the founder of all religious beliefs. The present incarnation of the Toad is the one that has presented us with the Holy Books of the Foundation. Within it we may find the new and original version of his cabal. B. Toad's numerology was not obtained from the study of number...
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Topic: foundation, religion, second coming,